Frequently Asked Questions

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes! We are licensed throughout the state of Florida and can obtain a business license as required in your specific municipality or county (ex. City of Cape Coral, Bonita Springs, etc.). We are insured and can provide verification of our insurance coverage if requested.

What is the difference between a Certified General and a Registered Contractor?

  • A Certified Contractor is able to work anywhere in the state. This type of contractor has passed a state exam to be qualified to do this work.

  • A Registered Contractor only able to work within the city or county with which they are registered. A registered contractor may not have completed or passed a state exam to do work, but is required to have a competency certificate verifying their status as a contractor

What if I want to do a portion of the work myself? How does that work?

After we review the project, we will coordinate any activities done by the client within the overall project scope and schedule and omit costs associated with that scope of work to realize savings. An executed release of liability may be required based on the scope being self-performed. Any work that requires a trade license will not be able to be done by the client without proof of a current license and approval from the authorities having jurisdiction.

Do you self-perform work?

No, all of our work is subcontracted out to local businesses. We do this to ensure competitive pricing and the ability to fit the client’s schedule of installation.

What if I can’t get everything finished all at once? What about budget constraints?

We are here to help make our clients dreams a reality. We know life changes happen all the time and unexpected challenges arise. We work with your budgets, time constraints and life changes to provide the best services possible for our clients that make the most sense based on the parameters we have. Construction projects are stressful and it is our job to remove as much stress from our clients as possible to create the best experience.

What if I just need help with one aspect of the project? Can I just get help for one or two tasks?

Absolutely! We can tailor any project to meet our clients’ needs. If you are a DIYer that just needs consulting for any aspects of a project listed on our services page, we got you! If you are handy and can install your own flooring and cabinets but need an electrician and plumber, we can do that! If you want to not worry about any of the process and have us design, select materials, procure and install while you are on vacation, no problem!