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Sledgehammer Construction

We Aim For Client Satisfaction

As a licensed Certified General Contractor, Sledgehammer Construction can complete your dream project without hassles. We know that managing such projects can be really stressful. So instead of worrying about the details of the project, why don’t you let us do the work? Sledgehammer Construction is more than just your everyday construction firm. We’re focused on giving real solutions to clients-in-need. Other firms might offer basic packaged services that you probably heard about. However, this is where our strengths come into play since we can tailor each project to our client’s strengths and weaknesses for a complete deliverable project within budget constraints.

Our services bring the best options that our clients need. The services that we offer include: General Contracting, permitting, inspection tracking, budgeting, design delivery, subcontract management, quality control, and project closeout. All of these services can be divided into project-specific needs, so you will be able to see which services can really benefit your project. Once you have engaged our services, you can now focus on other important aspects of your life.

Why Choose Sledgehammer Construction?

Client Objectives

Sledgehammer Construction operates separately from Designers, Engineers and Subcontractors. We do this to make sure our client’s mission is always at the forefront of the project. Additionally, all concerns, questions and needs are being resolved through each step of the process. We provide a very high level of communication to maximize coordination, minimize re-work or time delays to guarantee top client satisfaction.

Time Management

Our team knows the time in which tasks can be completed. Hiring an extra set of eyes to ensure a Subcontractor’s schedule is realistic, on-track and completed to the expectations of the client is just as important as being able to achieve cost savings. We can report on daily progress of a project or provide updates as needed. We also ensure attention is given to answering questions, defining unclear scope, selecting materials timely and production delays. Therefore, we help to minimize any downtime between project kick-off and completion.

Cost Savings

Other General Contractors charge up to 20-30% in mark-ups on a project for any number of reasons. By using SledgeHammer Construction, the mark-ups can be realized as savings by putting the difference in fees back in your pocket. We also have methods to focus on your total cost and can advise on decisions to ensure the project can stay within budget.

Expert Advice For Your next Project

Drafting a construction project for you is a great endeavor to take. Having the idea in your head is the first step – laying it down realistically is another story. To make sure that your efforts are well-accounted for, you need the services of a reliable General Contractor. In this case, the firm that you can rely on is SledgeHammer Construction.

With over 12 years of construction experience, meeting client expectations has been our team’s primary focus within the construction industry. Our motivation is in keeping the client’s vision intact throughout every aspect of a project from conception to completion. We are your eyes and ears to ensure every step is taken correctly and with minimal cost, rework and schedule impact.

reviewing plans on site

What to Expect

A construction project will have greater chances of hitting designated goals with the right General Contractor on board. If your project has encountered different kinds of hurdles, Sledgehammer Construction will clear the way. We can help you in many possible methods such as:


Sledgehammer Construction will get to work right away with the ideas you have in mind.

Sledgehammer Construction has a competitive pricing system. Since the company is focused on service excellence, you don’t have to worry about hidden fees or over budgeting. Sledgehammer Construction can help you make a decision through material selections and scope inclusions. Each project is customized according to the complexity of your project. Sledgehammer Construction’s services will accommodate any situation to get the outcome that you need.