Construction & Renovation Management

Streamlining your next project

Sledgehammer Construction offers a variety of consulting solutions to any construction project needs. We offer virtual and in-person consulting to push a project forward when roadblocks may arise. Our expertise is particularly useful for those DIYers or hands-on people that want to act as an “owner builder” to oversee their own project. Here are a few examples of services we provide individually or can be combined into a package to support any missing piece of your project:

  1. Pre-Construction Planning

    1. Generating a scope of work for the project

    2. Assisting with drawing generation for permitting & subcontractors

    3. Populating permit documents for owner/builder submission

    4. Creating a budget for the project based on the scope of work

    5. Solicit subcontractors to bid on the project & evaluate contract agreements

  2. During Construction

    1. Source and procure materials for use during construction

    2. Review materials, drawings & product specifications for potential clashes prior to installation

    3. Manage subcontractors schedule and scope

    4. Certify high quality control standards

    5. Provide immediate conflict resolution when issues arise

    6. Facilitate inspections and code related difficulties

  3. Post- Construction

    1. Guarantee  permits and inspections have been completed and closed out by the municipality

    2. Issue and track punch list items for corrections to subcontractors through completion

    3. Gather subcontractors 1-year workmanship warranty letters and any cleaning and operation/maintenance instructions

    4. Verify subcontractor’s payments have been released and final lien releases have been provided for the client’s records