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    Our services encompass any options that our clients need. All of the services Sledgehammer Construction offers can be divided into project-specific needs, so you get the services that best benefit your project without paying for those you don’t need. Once you have engaged our services, you can now focus on other important aspects of your life.


As a licensed Certified General Contractor, Sledgehammer Construction can complete your dream construction project without hassles. We know that managing such ventures can be stressful and overwhelming. Instead of worrying about the details, let us do the work! Sledgehammer Construction is more than just your everyday construction firm. We’re focused on giving real solutions to clients-in-need. Other firms might offer basic packaged services that you probably heard about however, this is what sets Sledgehammer Construction apart from the competition. Our strengths come into play because we tailor each project to our client’s requirements for a complete deliverable project within budget constraints. 

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Client Objectives

Sledgehammer Construction operates as a one-stop shop for our client’s construction projects. We collaborate with local architects, engineers, municipalities, inspectors, private providers and subcontractors to ensure a full suite of services is provided to meet all client’s needs. Focused on the client’s metrics for success, Sledgehammer Construction ensures all aspects of a project are delivered using a personalized approach. The administration of a project from start to finish is custom-tailored to guarantee top client satisfaction. 

Time Management

By using Sledgehammer Construction, we control of the tempo of planning, designing, purchasing and construction. The hard work provided up-front by assisting in allowance reconciliations, defining unclear scope, reviewing materials compatibility and avoiding fabrication delays by sourcing alternate materials all streamline the overall timeline of a project. In addition to these strategies, Sledgehammer Construction controls scheduling of work to minimize the duration of the project, getting our clients back to normal operation quickly. With efficient decision-making capabilities utilizing our extensive experience, we are able to adjust to any issues that arise during the course of construction and can easily adapt to those unforeseen challenges.

cost Management

Sledgehammer Construction operates differently from many of our competitors in-town. Our approach to estimating the costs of a project include a line-by-line breakdown of all construction costs. Allowances are provided for undefined material selections so the client has full control over what is selected and how much is spent. Successful management of these allowances can turn into cost savings realized at the completion of the project. Who wouldn’t love to complete a project under budget?



Drafting a construction project for you is a great endeavor to take.

Drafting a construction project for you is a great endeavor to take.
Having the idea in your head is the first step – laying it down realistically is another story. To make sure that your efforts are well-accounted for, you need the services of a reliable General Contractor. In this case, the first that you can rely on is Sledgehammer Construction.
With over 15 years of construction experience, meeting client expectations has been our team’s primary focus within the construction industry. Our motivation is in keeping the client’s vision intact throughout every aspect of a project from conception to completion. We are your eyes and ears to ensure every step is taken correctly and with minimal cost, rework and schedule impact. 



Residential Kitchen Remodels

The kitchen is the heartbeat of a home. When entertaining, guests gravitate to the kitchen to converse, nibble and enjoy themselves. The kitchen is also one of the most used rooms in the house. Why not give yourself the space you’ve always dreamed of by refreshing the look of your kitchen?
We offer residential kitchen remodels that range from simple countertop replacements to full-blown knock-down remodels. Want to redesign the flow of your house to make your kitchen the focal point of your home? No problem! Do you want added functionality to the existing space you have with updated finishes? Let us help you through each step of the process.
We can guide clients throughout the course of planning, pre-construction, construction and completion so every decision is made to allow each individual’s personalities to shine.

Residential Bathroom Modernization

Cleanliness is paramount when thinking about remodeling a bathroom. No more are the days of dingy bathrooms that are hidden away and used only as a necessity. Now, bathrooms are being celebrated as being an oasis and retreat to unwind after a long day. Allow us to take your vision and make it a reality so your space really can transform and become your in-home spa.
From tilework to plumbing fixtures and everything in between, we can provide any level of function, fit and finish that our clients are looking for.

Universal Design / Aging in Place

Do you or a loved one want to stay in your home as you age? For clients remaining at home during the golden years, or for those caring for elderly or disabled family, Aging in Place renovations are the answer. Our experience will help you select components based on your individual needs making your home safe and accessible while integrating beautiful design choices.
We provide modifications for convenience, safety and accessibility for you and your loved ones. This option is more affordable and provides comfort and security, regardless of age, ability or income and may be preferred over moving to a continuing care community. Let us walk you through all options to make your home a safe haven.


Sledgehammer Construction offers a variety of consulting solutions to any construction project needs. We offer virtual and in-person consulting to push a project forward when roadblocks may arise. Our expertise is particularly useful for those DIYers or hands-on people that want to act as an “owner builder” to oversee their own project.

Exterior Space Reallocation

Do you want to be the envy of your neighbors? Do you look out at your backyard and envision the cool, crisp water of a new pool or imagine you can smell food cooking on your grill in your new outdoor kitchen? We can provide that and more! We are your one-stop shop for your new outdoor entertaining space. We contract directly with subcontractors so all communication gets translated through us providing a consistent message. By using a General Contractor to bridge the downtime between subcontractor installations, we streamline project schedules and work within budget constraints to enhance the newest extension of your home.

Hurricane Modifications & Disaster Recovery

Have you found yourself wishing you had replaced your older windows now that hurricane season is approaching? Have you wondered where to turn if your home is damaged from a storm and you need work done quickly? Let us know! As a Certified General Contractor, we contract for window replacements, roof repairs / replacement, structure damage, water intrusion remediation, demolition, and rebuilding. We work quickly and safely to restore your peace of mind and comfort and security of your home.

Energy Efficiency Upgrades

Are you looking to reduce your monthly utility bills? Interested in modernizing your home by becoming more energy efficient? A simple window replacement or additional insulation in your attic can save money on your monthly electrical bill, virtually paying for themselves with lower utility costs! There are also measures that can be taken to reduce your carbon footprint and give you a tax break. Consulting on these cost-effective savings can put more money in your pocket, find out how!

Additional Project Types

We also handle commercial business build-outs, commercial remodels, full residential house remodels, custom home building, additions, extensions, property restoration and much more! All inquiries are welcome!