About Us

Sledgehammer Construction is a woman-owned and operated company and a Certified General Contractor. Our mission is to provide each client with personalized service that showcases the highest quality, functionality, and attention-to-detail through our projects. Sledgehammer Construction identifies clients’ priorities and crafts each project around those priorities and take our cues from our customers to be as hands-on or hands-off as needed. By utilizing our extensive construction experience, we are able to work within our client’s schedules and budget to maximize results by thinking outside the box when presented with obstacles unique to each project.

Sledgehammer Construction approaches each project fluidly, based on either a client’s budget or required deliverables. Our line-by-line estimates include allowances for unselected materials, giving the client maximum freedom when making choices while also being cognizant of budget constraints. Additionally, Sledgehammer Construction understands that projects evolve quickly, even during production, and can accommodate changes in scope efficiently to minimize increased costs and additional delays to the project timeline.

Erin Morrison has over fifteen years of experience in the construction industry. Using her education in Mechanical Engineering and Masters in Construction Management from Vanderbilt University, she has managed numerous large and complex projects over her career. With exposure to a multitude of different project types, Erin is confident in tackling problematic situations and works seamlessly with engineers and architects to provide tangible solutions quickly. Erin understands the technical aspects of some of the most difficult areas of construction and uses this knowledge to adapt to each obstacle easily and efficiently.

Erin’s commitment to providing the best client experience can be seen by the way Sledgehammer Construction operates. She utilizes expertise gained over her years building hospitals, continuing care retirement communities, clubhouses, sales centers, commercial and residential kitchens, outdoor spaces and more to implement best practices at every project size. From the ground-up or working within an existing space, Erin is able to use each project’s unique aspects as a strength to support all future endeavors.