Soliciting the best quality, competent, straight forward and budget conscious Subcontractors to provide the required scope of work.

Subcontractor Selection & Contracting

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We Provide the Following Services:

  • Quote Solicitation – Gather quotes from subcontractors based on scope, ability, project experience, quality and budget
  • Safety Assessment – Providing assurance to the owner that safety requirements are being followed as the project demands
  • Insurance Coverage Review – Evaluation of insurance certificates to verify limits for the project valuation are met by the subcontractors
  • Competitive Quote Review & Selection – Review bids to ensure a complete scope is provided by trade and negotiate any exclusions noted
  • License Verification – Ensure all subcontractors contracted for the project have proper licenses in place

In additional to the above services performed, as the CGC, internal processes regarding Subcontractor Performance is also done, specifically:

  • Incomplete Work or Quality Control Issues – As the project progresses, catch any items that are missing or do not meet quality standards
  • Progress Payment Releases – As a subcontractor is requesting progress or final payment, an assessment of the workmanship, completeness and quality is done to allow funds to be released
  • Replacement/Supplementing Subcontractor’s Work – For subcontractors that are unable, unwilling or cannot complete work as scheduled, supplementation may be necessary. We make decisions regarding the need for replacement or supplementing subcontractors to maintain the owner’s schedule and quality of installation