Reviewing current or potential locations
in which to complete the project
the client desires.

Project Site Assessment

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We Provide the Following Services:

  • Current or Potential Location – Is the site located on a quiet street? Are there mature trees that need to stay or be removed? Is water or utility access required? Is this location going to work for the client’s objectives?
  • Location Usage & Upfront Costs – Will the location work within the client’s budget? Is the property zoned correctly for the use it will be used?
  • Surveying Information – Discovering previous survey records for any impacts to possible acceptable sites
  • Native Species Assessment & Endangered Wildlife Mitigation – Does the site have gopher turtles or burrowing owls? Are there other native species that would cause a disruption to this project moving forward? How does a client traverse through potential roadblocks with native or endangered species?
  • Setbacks, Easement and Right-Of-Way Restrictions – Are there easements which cannot be built in? Would the client need a turn lane into the property? Are there setbacks that will affect the footprint of the structure?
  • Utility Availability – Will utilities need to be pulled from major intersections or more developed areas that will add to the overall cost? Is the water services tied into the municipality or would a septic/well system be needed? Is natural gas needed or desired?

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