Substantiating all aspects of the project are complete, to the satisfaction of the client and release of all final payments to Subcontractors once permits are closed out and Completion Certificates are in hand

Project Completion & Closeout

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We Provide the Following Services:

  • Punchlist Creation, Distribution & Completion Verification – Taking care of all the little imperfections left behind once Subcontractors leave the project
  • Document Turnover – Gathering all drawings, specifications, material selections and changes are compiled and turned over to the client in one concise location
  • Permit Finalization – Confirmation that all permits are closed and Certificates of Completion or Occupancy are obtained
  • Release of Liens – Validating all final lien releases are assembled so no additional funds are sought after Subcontractor final payments are distributed
  • Final Payment – Approving the release of final payments to each Subcontractor

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