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Are you licensed and insured?

Yes! We are licensed in Lee, Collier and Charlotte counties. We can get licensed as required in your specific municipality or county (ex. City of Cape Coral, Bonita Springs, etc.). We are insured and can provide verification of our insurance coverage if requested.

What is the difference between a Certified and a Registered Contractor?

  • A Certified Contractor is able to work anywhere in the state. This type of contractor has passed a state exam to be qualified to do this work
  • A Registered Contractor only able to work within the city or county with which they are registered. A registered contractor may not have completed or passed a state exam to do work, but is required to have a competency certificate verifying their status as a contractor

What if I want to do a portion of the work myself? How does that work?

After we review the project, we will coordinate any activities done by the client within the overall project schedule and omit costs associated with that scope of work to realize savings. A release of liability may be required to be signed based on the size of the scope to be done. Any work that would require a trade license will not be allowed to be done by the client without proof of a current license and approval from the authorities having jurisdiction.

Do you self-perform work?

No, to be able to provide our customers with the most cost-effective project, all work is performed by trades owning the liability for their scope, keeping the GC overhead lower.

What if I can’t get everything done I want to all at once? What about budget constraints?

We are here to help make our clients dreams a reality. We know that there are life changes happening all the time and unexpected challenges arise. We will work with your budgets, time constraints and life changes to provide the best services possible for our clients that make the most sense based on the parameters we have. Construction projects are stressful and it is our job to remove as much stress from our clients as possible to create the best experience.

What if I just need help with one aspect of the project? Can I just get help for one or two tasks?

Absolutely! We can tailor any project to meet our clients’ needs. If you are a DIYer that just needs help with the permitting side of things, we got you! If you are handy and can install your own flooring and cabinets but need an electrician and plumber, we can do that! If you want to not worry about any of the process and have us design, select materials, procure and install while you are on vacation, no problem!

What if I’m back up North but want this done before I come back for the season?

We can work with you to accomplish this. We use technology to our advantage (and yours) by installing in-home cameras that monitor when a subcontractor is on site. We also install an electronic front door lock that notifies us when a subcontractor has arrived and is leaving. Each subcontractor is given a trade specific door code that is used while they are completing their work and is limited to daily working hours. The door codes are cleared out as subcontractors complete their work. Both the cameras and the door lock are accessed through apps that are also shared with our clients so they can view camera footage and past history. This is to increase safety for our clients and prove that we are doing what we say we are doing.

Do you do design work?

Yes and no.

Yes, we will work with our customers to assist with any design related work we are able to. This includes but is not limited to: assisting in overall layout of walls, appliances, fixtures, cabinetry, light switches and outlets, door swings, finish details, etc. We will generate in-house dimensioned drawings to be able to obtain quotes from subcontractors.

No, we are not licensed design professionals so any projects that require drawings to be signed and sealed would require a licensed consultant to complete this scope. We have licensed design professionals that we work with that can assist with completing this service.

Do all permits require signed and sealed drawings from a licensed design professional?

No. Permits that require signed and sealed drawings relate to exterior structural modifications. There is a list of those that require S&S drawings and we can advise you which those are.

For permits that do not require signed and sealed drawings to be submitted, we can complete this work for an additional charge.

Why did you start Sledgehammer Construction?

The business was started because of our desire to help our community. After viewing the destruction caused by hurricanes over the years, we started the business to help homeowners and small business recover and thrive. We specialize in assisting homeowner and small businesses with permits and finishing work that requires permits.

What makes you different than the other Contractors around town?

We strive to make our clients happy by following principles that were ingrained in us growing up. We listen. We work hard. We communicate effectively and concisely. We are open and honest about our work. We identify our clients’ priorities and craft each project around those priorities. We don’t push an agenda. We take our cues from our customers to be as hands-on or as hands-off as they need. We stand by our work and will do what it takes to make sure each project is successful and each client is satisfied in the service we provide. We rely on our clients to be successful as much as they rely on us.

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