The Story of Sledgehammer Construction…

Erin Morrison noticed something after hurricane Irma. Working for a construction firm she would pull permits at city hall almost daily. Every day she witnessed DIY homeowners struggling with the permit process while tryin to rebuild their damaged homes. She realized she could combine her passions of helping people and engineering. She decided to start her own company offering consulting services and so Sledgehammer Consulting was founded. Quickly she discovered her clients not only wanted help with the permits & planning, they also wanted her to perform the work as a General Contractor. She decided to update the business name accordingly to Sledgehammer Construction. Her dream is to be successful enough to give back to the community when needed.

Erin Morrison

Erin Morrison

About Erin Morrison

Erin Morrison, the managing partner of Sledgehammer Construction, Inc. has over 10 years of commercial and residential construction experience. Erin is a Certified General Contractor, CGC1521564. She has worked in construction since graduating from Vanderbilt University. She has a Bachelor’s of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering and a Master’s of Engineering in Construction Management.

She started her career working on numerous large scale projects such as healthcare, senior living, full continuing care retirement communities, country clubs, renovations, public works, shell buildings, tenant build outs, and exterior enhancements. Many were multi-million dollar projects.

She now focuses on residential remodeling and small commercial projects that allow more personal interaction. While she enjoyed the challenges of large scale projects, it’s been a nice change of pace to complete projects in months vs years. She enjoys helping people turn their dreams into reality.

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